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Bi-fold Patio Doors

Making the Most of Bifold Doors for your home.

Bi-fold doors or multi-folding doors can really open up your home with an amazing 90% clear opening space, creating an almost seamless boundary between your home & garden.

The door panels are generally called leaves and slide to the right or left where they “stack up” at the side of the opening – the door leaves can be set up to stack on either the inside or the outside of the room.


  • Increase natural light and enjoy panoramic exterior views
  • Thermally efficient Double Glazed panels up to 28mm wide
  • High security all round multi-point locks
  • Strength from steel reinforced frames
  • Easy gliding tracks allow multiple panels
  • Long term guarantees and very low maintenance
  • Hardwood, UPVC, Aluminium Options

Bifold doors for your Patio and Living Room
door tracks

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The doors themselves, even though they can sometime be quite large, actually move very easily, this is due to the way the tracks are designed with the doors being secured at both top & bottom by roller guides.

This means that it takes very little effort to open them up and enjoy your room.

Energy Efficiency

Bi-fold Patio DoorsWith such a large area of glass, it is worthwhile considering how to manage heat loss or gain. By using low emissivity (low-e) glass and gas filled double glazed panels it will improve the energy efficiency of the doors.

You should look to install bi-fold doors that meet high standards of thermal efficiency and have a rating label from the BFRC. You can find out more about energy ratings from the BFRC at

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