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French Doors

Classically Styled French Windows

Adding that little extra style to your home, combining functionality with great looks & design choice. With the ability to open inwards or outwards, French Doors are both practical & stylish, giving easy access to the outside of your home, and whilst you may think they are only suited for ‘regular’ sized openings, with the addition of side panels, they can easily accommodate larger opening areas.


  • Double opening design
  • Open inward or outwards
  • UPVC or Hardwood
  • Multi-point locks
  • Double glazed sealed units
  • Choice of colours & finishes
  • Low maintenance & long guarantees

frenchpatio windows

frenchdoorOne of the many benefits of this style is that they are also able to be used inside the home to segment rooms – for example, your living dining area. During the daytime, you may want to leave them open to give an ‘open plan’ look and feel to the rooms, then in the evening you could close them to create a private living area.

One thing to bear in mind is the direction that you want the doors to open, it’s not a good idea to have them open inwards into a small room because you will need to keep the opening arc clear of any obstructions.

The two most popular styles have either plain glazed panels or feature the glazed area made up of smaller individual panes.

If you want the ‘traditional’  look (small panes) for your home, but want to keep the costs down, then you could fit plain glazed sections with imitation ‘Georgian bars’  inserted between the inner and outer glass panes.

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