Double Glazing For a Conservatory

Which type of conservatory for me?

There are quite a few websites to look at when it comes to choosing the best type of conservatory for your home, a good one is

But the things that are probably going to influence your final decision are usually your budget, what do you want to use the conservatory / orangery for & how much room is there to install one at your Property.

The “two ends of the spectrum” when it comes to conservatory designs would likely be Lean-to conservatories with their simple square or rectangular shapes and Orangeries which are usually bespoke extensions and larger in size.

Lean-to Conservatories can range from being almost like a Greenhouse to rooms with plenty of features such as underfloor heating, fancy lighting, tinted solar glass etc., but their main selling point is that you can probably fit one anywhere.

As you may already have surmised there is not a room you can point out and say this is the “best conservatory” – it’s always going to be “what’s the best conservatory for my needs” and the design will spring from there.

the best Conservatory

Useful places to visit

To find out more detailed information about conservatories designs & features, a good place to visit would be a comparison site like – you will be able to find guidance on what each style looks like, what features you can add and you will also be able to get free quotes for the cost of installing a conservatory to your home.